Outing at Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Gir wildlife sanctuary is located about 65 km to the south-east of Junagadh in Gujarat. This sanctuary is a home to Asiatic Lions. Gir forest national park was established in the year 1965. It covers an area of about 1412 sq km. The park has 2, 375 fauna species and 400 plant species. For this reason, the park attracts zoologist and botanist from all across the globe. The Gir also has a few leopards and several other animals like wild boars, blue bulls or nilgais, striped hyenas, four horned antelopes and marsh crocodiles.

Flora of the Sanctuary
Flora of this sanctuary comprises mixed deciduous forest with banyan, teak and acacia trees. The flora varies in the various areas of the park. You will get a distinguished green vegetable belt along the main rivers and streams. Some other trees found in the park are Umro, Amli, Jambu, Karanj, Vad, Charal, Kalam and Siru. These trees have broad leaves which provide a cool shade to the park.

Fauna of the Sanctuary
Gir wildlife sanctuary houses many wild animals. Mainly it is famous for its lion and leopard population. Besides, the sanctuary also provides shelter to many other animal species like Wild Boar, Chinkara, Sambar, Nilgai, Gazelle, Hyena, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Hares, Langur, Jackal, and Chowsingha (Four-horned Antelope).

Gir is also home to several reptiles like Marsh Crocodiles, Pythons, Monitor Lizards and a large variety of snakes.

Best Time to Visit
This wildlife sanctuary is open to jungle aficionados all around the year. It is best to visit this sanctuary between November and June.

Safari in the Sanctuary
Jeep safari is the best way to spot lion in Gir national park. The park offers seven marked out tourists trails which are open for jeep safari. While you are on the safari, you can spot the lions in their natural habitat. Watching the lions from open-roof jeep is an amazing experience in itself. While you are on jeep safari, you can also click some pictures of the lions. It is mandatory to take a guide along with you due to the safety reasons. The guides and jeeps are made available by the forest department.

The safari can be enjoyed during dusk and dawn. Meanwhile, visitors can also check out nearby attractions like shore temple and sun temple of Somnath.

There are many options available for accommodation at Sasan. It is situated near the entrance of wildlife sanctuary. Sinh Sadah guest house is there which is run by Gujarat tourism authorities. The rest houses like Maneland Jungle Lodge and Lion Safari Lodge also provide good accommodation.

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary [http://www.allindia-travel-tours.com/india-wildlife-sanctuaries/gir-sanctuary.html] is an eco-friendly wildlife park which offers you a wonderful opportunity to see the lions and other animals. Travel to Gir National Park [http://www.allindia-travel-tours.com/india-wildlife-sanctuaries/gir-sanctuary.html] for enjoying jeep safari, clicking pictures of lions and watching vast flora and fauna.

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