Safari Tour in India, Experience a Holiday You Have Never Had

Africa is not the only continent in which tourists can embark on a safari adventure of a lifetime. The depths of the Asian wilderness lay stage to Indian safari tours of the highest order. These are tours that introduce travellers to some of the world’s most magnificent creatures and landscapes.

There are plenty of places on the Asian continent to enjoy a wildlife adventure. India is home to no fewer than six national parks, providing visitors to the country with ample opportunity to explore its numerous landscapes.

Types of Indian Safari

There are three main types of Indian safari: tiger, elephant and camel. Tiger safaris tours are by far the most common among tourists, largely because spotting a big cat in the wild has become a treasured experience. Elephants play an important role too, providing a unique form of transport and spectacular sight to behold.

Few people would envisage an Indian safari including anything other than an experience in a jungle, swamp or grassy plain, but camel safaris in the desert around Jaisalmer offer an altogether different sort of adventure. Experiencing the harsh existence of rural desert tribes, travellers can explore this other side of India on the back of a camel or specially designed Jeep. Tourists can also sample a taste of luxury at the Shahi Palace, which acts as a base for many desert safaris.

Alternative Safaris

Not all safaris are about the animals. India boasts some of the most amazing natural landscapes on the planet. Visitors can enjoy natural wonders such as the Chir Batti salt marsh in the Thar Desert, the towering Himalayas mountain range and the fabled Magnetic Hill in Ladakh, which is said to possess strong magnetic properties (a claim that has been dismissed by the scientific community, but the region is still well worth visiting).

National Parks in India

Pench National Park can be found in the Madhya Pradesh province. Pench River flows through this impressive park, which has become a haven for tourists seeking adventure trips that bring them in proximity to wild creatures. Tiger safaris are particularly popular in this park, which is traditionally explored on the back of an elephant.

Corbett National Park is perfect for family vacations, as it combines spectacular terrain with splendid wild animals. Tigers and elephants frequent this large park, which provides plenty of luxurious family lodges, so sleeping under the stars need not be uncomfortable.

Bandhavgarh National Park offers something a little different in the form of Bandhavgarh Fort, which is well worth a visit on safari. Sasan Gir National Park, meanwhile, provides travellers with the unique opportunity to spot an Asiatic lion, of which only 320 are known to exist.

Families might prefer Kaziranga National Park to some of the others listed above, however, as it offers mile after mile of sun-scorched savannah, on which big cats and rhinos roam in large numbers.

Kanha National Park is truly massive. So far as family vacations go, Kanha offers everything from outdoor sports to bird watching. The park is home to fewer than one hundred tigers, but sloth bears, deer and leopards can be found in abundance, as can the several hundred or so species of bird!

In conclusion, visiting India unlocks a door to an altogether different kind of safari adventure and Safari tours in India. Quite unlike anything Africa has to offer, India provides a magical experience for those in search of rugged landscapes and wild animals.

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